SparklingPOP Lite

Is Champagne expensive just to shake and pop?  

No problem. There is cozy and reasonable one in your hand.   

Can you Imagine Whenever, Wherever Popping Champagne? Now it’s time to pop Champagne on iPhone and iPodTouch !   

The more you shake, the further the cork will be popped !    Sparkling POP has more interesting and entertaining functions with more fun!   

Enjoying and challenging with friends is another way to enjoy!  Simply download this application and start Shake booty. 

After only One experience, you never never stop. And you will never know how much this provide yourself exciting.  

This app will let you shake and pop anywhere JUST for free.  Just Do and Feel It!  


This is Lite version 1.0 of SparklingPOP. 

Looking for More Modes & features? 

Upgrade to the Pro version.

(The Pro version is Coming Soon)

Coming Soon !!

* SparklingPOP Lite version 1.1 :  June 16.


We have fixed a number of minor bugs and issues.

What's New in this version(ver 1.1)

- Fixed the bug that rarely pause.

- Fixed lag Issue.

- Sound Enhanced.


* SparklingPOP Pro version 1.0 : June 16.

SparklingPOP Pro is a Full Edition of SparklingPOP Lite Which is an addictive Shaking game.

- Free mode for Celebration like Birthday, Wedding, & any Party!

- Backgrounds and Sounds for Celebration.

- Enhanced images for smooth animation.

- Excellent music and Sound Effect.



- Awesome animation and detailed graphics 

- Improved motion detection algorithm 

- Natural Shaking Actions recognition 

- Realistic Sound (Bottle shaking, Popping sounds)   

Update History and Future Plans  

May 30 : The Birth of Sparkling PoP!.  

June 16: SparklingPOP lite ver 1.1, SparklingPOP Pro ver 1.0.

How To Play  

- With your hand, hold tight 

- Shake your iPhone/iPod Touch and target the direction to pop. 

- Just pull the cork. 

- The cork flying high and you’ll check the distance  

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--- WARNING ---

Please hold your device carefully while shaking. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your device or injury caused by your actions while using the application.

You Can always Contact us at: http://twitter.com/freesson

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