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Do you have a baby? So Do you know the Best ways to get your Baby to Stop Crying?

Our Application ‘LooKat’ plays music and sounds that have changing tempo and melodies helping to keep your baby's attention focused on it and not whatever was making them upset.  

Especially as it can be very hard to stop a baby crying when there’s genuinely nothing wrong.  Just Play our Application LooKat, Play and use 3 Modes,press those smiling Shapes and let the quirky or soothing sounds help keep baby occupied.

LooKat has been created for all the people that have to look after babies and little children.

We have kept the overall touch-screen experience simple and intuitive, so children of all ages can navigate the Shapes. With a simple “tap”, the Shapes enlarging and playing sound(like actual baby’s Sound), and any 2 other modes is more funny and addictive.

This colorful and easy to play Application is fun for babies and allows for light play any time you like.

We hope this application and our next Educational application will educate, entertain and inspire. We would appreciate Our Consulting Groups with educators and parents

LooKat is a iPhone Application designed by the most respected scientists in the world to stop your baby crying

All people like:

- Parent

- Grandparent

- Babysitter

- Older sister or brother

- Your older kid

- Everyone

How to use.

3 Mode includes

* Touch and Drag

  • Tap various shapes and Drag
  • Tap for a various Sound(Real Baby Sounds)
* Peekaboo
  • Hidden Smiling Shaped came out rainbows.
  • With Smiling Sounds
* Shake
  • Tilt iPhone/iPod left or right / up or down 
  • Shake iPhone.
  • Full-auto loop mode for non stop action


  • Easy to use.
  • User friendly interface
  • Fun to play with.

-Some interesting facts

-Original sounds.

* As Studying Cognitive & Behavioral Science for babies, Shapes and Sounds in our application developed and designed.

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You Can always Contact us at: http://twitter.com/freesson

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