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AQUAH is an innovative, addictive mix of Puzzle game based on the classic match-three concept. Our App uses the accelerometer very precisely to move objects into position.

Experience a revolutionary puzzle game that sets a new standard of fun over any pop out style game you’ve ever played.

After only One experience, you never never stop. And you will never know how much this provide yourself exciting.


This is Full version 1.0 of AQUAH.


- Automatic Save When you exit apps.

  • 30 Unique levels which can be played at a variety of Skill.
  • Easy Starting level for newbie Player.
  • Great Controls.
  • Original movie and animation.

- Check Status on your Tree growth.

- Awesome and Unique Objects and Backgrounds

- Excellent music and sound effects.

Game Scenario

- You must grow a Tree from a Sprout.

- Require the water and fertilizer for growth of tree. You have to collect water and fertilizer.

- To collect water and fertilizer, gather 3 or more of the same colored object, they will be popped.

How To Play

- For each level you are given a number of objects(water, fertilizer) to pop finish the level.

  • Simply move any objects with tilting features.
  • Just Gather 3 or more of the Same colored object, They’ll be popped.
  • While playing, You can see and check status on your tree growth.

The levels get more difficult as you go, Can you finish it?

If you like puzzle games like Bejeweled, Tetris, StoneLoops, Jewel Quest, Aurora Feint, Enigmo, Falling Gems, You’ll love AQUAH!~

For questions or comments, please send an email to freesson@gmail.com. We appreciate and value your feedback.


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